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    Heart to Heart Personal Prayer Ministry

    H2H Prayer is a gentle, Biblical, and empowering 
    prayer ministry that lets Jesus minister from His heart to yours, into the heart of the matter, bringing clarity, understanding, peace, and joy!
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    Kelly Troia's


    H2H Prayer began to develop over twenty years ago when I cried out to Jesus in the darkest moments
    of my life.
    It may surprise you, but I was already a Christian and very active in church...
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    Heart to Heart Prayer  Appointments

     Do you need simple answers that work in everyday life for everyday problems? Do you want to experience real freedom in Christ? Are you ready to experience Heart to Heart Personal Prayer Ministry?
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    H2H Prayer Ministry  Online Course 

     Want More?
    Learn Heart to Heart Personal Prayer Ministry for yourself!
    H2H Prayer Ministry 
    Basic Training Course-
    Now Available!

— Ashley Kinsel

"From fear to freedom, Heart to Heart has brought immediate closure to familiar, haunting voices in my life. Jesus is that powerful and Heart to Heart is that good. I now walk in unquestionable faith and unwavering liberty."


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Heart to Heart Personal Prayer Ministry is one of the powerful and effective ways that God is bringing His answers to the hearts of people. 


Your financial support helps bring answers to the world; to those who are waiting for the freeing and empowering answers that come from His heart to theirs.

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Heart to Heart Personal Prayer Ministry (H2H Prayer) is a spiritual, biblically-based prayer. It is not counseling. If you are looking for help with mental health, please seek a mental health professional. We bless you on your journey.


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